Counting Finger Play

Counting Finger Play

Number Finger Play
Yesterday we added a Happy Flower coloring page to our Premium Coloring Club featuring 10 beautiful big joyful faces!

I want to share with you a few ways to incorporate this page into some deeper lessons and activities. 

Coloring Page

Coloring is engaging for many students and will help them develop skills ready for penmanship and writing. It is also a relaxing activity that can assist in mindfulness. 
Flower Coloring Page

Finger Play Counting Rhyme

I wrote a little finger play to go along with the page. As your class is sitting in front of you encourage them to join in. To name just a few, finger plays are wonderful for
  • classroom management
  • building class community
  • developing confidence in little learners
  • building vocabulary and language skills
  • early reading
  • fine motor dexterity 
  • transitioning between activities 
  • building verbal and auditory-memory skills
Counting Finger Play
Ask your students to pop their fingers up and pretend they are flowers waving in the breeze! As the rhyme progresses they put a finger down to keep track of the backward count. You may like to pause and talk about how removing one has resulted in a new number.
Kindergarten Math Rhyme
I would love to share a printable version of this today: 10 Happy Flowers Finger Play

You can download it from Google Drive and print it in color or blackline. 
Finger Plays for Kindergarten


  • provide counters and ask your students to match a counter to each flower as they count them from 1 to 10
Happy Flower Counting

Roll and Add to 10

  • provide dice and counters and ask students to roll and add counters to they make exactly 10
Flower Math

Play Dough Flowers

  • use the coloring page as a play dough mat
  • laminate them or put them under a clear plastic sheet

To make a play dough flower, use 3 dough skills:

  • students roll a little ball of play dough between two palms or hand-to-table
  • students flatten ball between two palms
  • students pinch petals around the flattened ball to create petals
  • place flower on mat and keep going to make 10
Flower Play Dough

More finger plays and hand rhymes

  • creative learners might take our rhyme and change it - encourage your students to be playful with words and rhymes
  • read other rhyme books like this one I've used often in my teaching:
Finger Play

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today, we hope these ideas help with or without our flower coloring page.
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