When You’re Worried

When You’re Worried

In the Pond Coloring Club free library today I am sharing with you a worried crab coloring page! 

As well as coloring or painting, your students can record some strategies to engage if they find themselves worried. Have a discussion about appropriate strategies for your learning context before students attempt this. 

when I am worried activity page
Talk about getting from worried to OK and how this will be different for each child. Ask students to share their own experiences of feeling worried and what made them feel better.

feeling cards

You may like to implement a routine of highlighting one or two different emotions or feelings each week and having a class discussion about them. Our crab feeling cards may help to engage your students.

crab ocean emotions

Each poster has an original crab illustration and design. Posters and worksheets are provided for each of the following feelings:
  • happy
  • surprised
  • silly
  • sick
  • sad
  • upset
  • angry
  • excited
  • confused
  • proud
  • appreciative
  • ok
  • frustrated
  • amused
  • calm
  • uncomfortable
  • comfortable
  • love
  • worried
  • disappointed
  • jealous
  • guilty
  • generous
  • embarrassed
  • curious
  • scared

This past blog post also shares some classroom activity ideas for exploring emotions with crab!

If you're not yet a member of our Coloring Club, I'd love you to join me. It's a website I made for us so that I could share with you! As well as the new crab page you can find these other recent ocean themed free pages:

all about octopus

octopus sailing coloring page

Have a great day and thanks so much for visiting the blog!
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