Dining Out Southeast:  Bama Bucks, Sardis, AL

Dining Out Southeast: Bama Bucks, Sardis, AL

Friends choseBama Bucksto treat Sweet Harold for his 4th Birthday Meal of the weekend. Bama Bucks is a steakhouse and wild game restaurant with an exotic animal park. Don't panic! The animals in the park are NEVER served as a menu item.

Isn't this an inviting setting?

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The interior is rustic but extremely inviting.

As to be expected, there are many out of the ordinary options on the menu.

We began our meal with the Wild Game Sausage Trio $13.00, which consists of a link each of Elk, Bison, and Wild Boar. Served alongside is a serving of pimento cheese, onion mustard marmalade, Naan bread, and Wickles Pickles.

We all sampled one sausage at a time, beginning with the Elk. It was well seasoned with a flavor that immediately brought to my mind of German food. Maybe there's some carraway in that sausage seasoning blend?

The Bison was very mild and a little denser than the Elk. My #3 spot went to the Wild Boar. Not really a "wild" or "gamey" taste, but with a stronger flavor than the other two.

The pimento cheese had a good flavor, but it would have been nice if it had been stirred some before plating. Some portions were dry. The onion mustard marmalade provided a palate cleaning taste between the sausage tasting, and the Naan and Wickles were tasty.

Next up on our tasting menu: Gator on a Stick served with sweet slaw and chipotle ranch $9.00

Here's my dilemma: My brain kept telling me that I was eating ALLIGATOR. My taste buds kept telling me to try to get another bite or three without the others at the table, realizing how much of the gator I was eating! It was lightly fried with an extremely delicate flavor. The slaw and chipotle drizzle were both excellent.

I love bison burgers, so I used that as my guide to select my entree': Bison Lasagna served with garlic bread ($10.00) with a Caesar salad ($7.00).

The salad was delicious, well dressed with a LOT of Parmesan cheese. I love a good Caesar salad, and this one fits the bill. In fact, I enjoyed it more than my lasagna.

I wanted to love this lasagna. I wanted it to be like the picture on the website. This is a significant portion, but it lacked something. It was almost as if it had been previously cooked and then re-heated. I enjoyed every bite, don't get me wrong, but I had rather have had the large portion made up of many layers of pasta, sauce, bison, and cheese rather than a thin serving that was wider than it was tall. I would order again after inquiring as to whether it was freshly cooked. As you can see, it looks a little too "done."

Our friends both ordered the 12 oz. Bison Ribeye ($36.) served with smoked tomato butter, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus with fried onions on top. They requested the smoked butter on the side. But as you can see, no fried onions on top. One steak was perfectly cooked and contained little gristle. The other one was cooked more medium than medium-rare and was more on the gristly side.

Sweet Harold chose a Grilled Marinated Brace of Quail for his meal served with crispy asparagus and biscuits and gravy. ($17.00) As y'all know, he is the most relaxed person in the world to please. He reported that the quail was delicious, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. However, to my visual, the asparagus was not crispy, and maybe a little more gravy on those biscuits would have been nice. Speaking of biscuits, it's better to bake a few at a time and let them be soft and fresh than a lot at once and let them dry out.

Granted, the restaurant was full of several large parties. I'll cut them some slack for maybe being overwhelmed. We'll go back and try some of the other menu items. Several burgers sound appealing.

All in all? We enjoyed a lovely meal celebrating Harold's birthday and got to try some out of the ordinary offerings. We'll probably be back.

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